Soil Stabilization

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A Stronger Foundation

When pavement engineers need to increase subgrade strength or guarantee a working platform in unfavorable conditions, they look to soil stabilization. With large cost-savings and faster construction times, these technologies increase structural integrity and retain strength during wet conditions; ensuring your project stays on track, no matter what.

Soil stabilization is the base of any foundation for roads whether it be lime or portland cement.

This is the beginning of any main roadway or parking lot etc. It is the foundation to these things, if a roadway is giving out lots of potholes etc. it could be that they didn’t soil stabilize before building.

Why Soil Stabilization?

Cost Efficient

Up to 80% Less Expensive

Time Savings

Cut up to 50% of timeline


To Specific Structural Requirements


From Future Moisture

Where is Soil Stabilization Used?

Soil Stabilization is a powerful and cost-effective technology used in site development projects to improve subgrade shear strength and control shrink-swell properties for higher load bearing capacity and uniform consistency.

Think of it as an insurance policy against water, weather, and heavy delivery loads giving your project the support it needs from the start and for the future.

Soil Stabilization can be used to add strength to almost any soil under any hard surface pavement or structural fill zone, including:

  • Parking Lots
  • Cement Roads & Sidewalks
  • Building Pads
  • Pond Berms, Dikes, & Levees
  • Asphalt Roads
  • Tracks & Athletic Fields

A Soil Stabilization Project We Recently Completed

Parking Lot in Michigan - Soil Stabilization

We installed an 18 acre commercial parking lot up in Flint, Michigan. It was completed with the following work:

Cutting & Filling to Grade

Soil Stabilization

Prepping for Emulsion

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